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Online Training


*If you are local, we often combine online training with in-person sessions*

Initial consultation (free)

This can be done via zoom, skype or on the telephone.  It takes 30 minutes, during which we chat about your current lifestyle and overall health.  We then come up with a plan together to outline the best way for us to help you and will usually incorporate physical training, self-massage techniques and distance Reiki along with nutritional and lifestyle guidance.  Each client is different and has their own unique plan – see below for a recent client plan:

8 week online programme

6 x one hour training sessions (with programme to follow between sessions)

2 x 30 minute self-massage technique sessions

2 x one hour distance Reiki sessions

2 x 30 minute check-ins

Cost: £420

We also do standalone guidance sessions, self-massage sessions and distance Reiki sessions as follows:

Standalone guidance sessions

These are beneficial if any of the following resonate with you:

  • You are keen to start an exercise routine but you don’t know where to begin

  • You have a history of regular exercise but are currently injured and not sure what kinds of exercise might be safe

  • You don’t have a specific injury but have some general aches and/or fatigue which stop you from getting into a regular pattern of exercise

  • You used to exercise but you’ve lost fitness.  You’re not quite sure how to re-start

  • You would like to lose weight.  You know the healthy foods to eat but aren’t able to manage your food intake for some reason

  • You’re generally feeling low on energy and de-motivated and/or stressed and feel you need help with your general well-being

If none of these quite hit the mark but you feel you need some help, drop us an email and we’ll go from there. 

We look at your whole lifestyle when we discuss any kind of exercise or nutrition plan.  You cannot separate the mind from the body, the body from the soul.  Everything links up – it’s balance we’re looking for within all the parts of your life to help you find optimal well-being.  You might need just one consultation to set you off on the right path, or a few sessions to monitor your progression.  If you are local, we may also suggest some in-person time.

60 minute session £50 (includes written guidance sent via email after the consultation)

30 minute follow up session(s): £25

Personal training sessions (with programme to follow between sessions)

£50 per one hour session

£238 for a block of five one hour sessions

£450 for a block of ten one hour sessions

Self-massage techniques

These are useful sessions to find help you find the source of your pain and to self treat with your hands/massage tools.

60 minute session: £50

30 minute session: £25

Distance Reiki

No internet connection required!  We will speak to you via Zoom/Skype if you have access or on the telephone prior to the treatment.  We then speak again after the treatment to discuss and reflect.  Please visit for more information.

£40 – allow 90 minutes for the full treatment and discussion


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