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General fitness training


Our general fitness training incorporates a myriad of different exercises, geared towards improving strength, balance and flexibility to give you a body that looks and feels good.


Prices (sessions last one hour)


1 session £50.00

5 sessions £238.00     (5% saving)

10 sessions £450.00   (10% saving)


*Blocks of sessions must be paid for up front, prior to the first session of the block (cash, bank transfer or cheque)



“David – thank you so much for the training over the last few months.  I ran the Manchester Marathon in 3 hr 36 mins today.  Delighted that I finished and that I don’t feel totally broken!  I know it is not about times but you helped me achieve a key goal today.  Look forward to seeing you next session for lots of stretching!!  Cheers!"

 Nick, Croydon

“I really looked forward to my Friday morning sessions with Anna and if I hadn’t moved house I would have definitely kept them up. I am middle-aged and needed to tackle my lack of exercise and excess weight. I believe Anna’s style to be holistic; she puts together interesting and varied programmes. She encouraged me to jog, something I was sure ".



 Gia, Croydon

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