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David and Anna often combine a programme of massage and exercise with their clients.  Hands-on work helps to release tight/restricted tissues that result from injury or poor postural habits and an exercise programme alongside these treatments helps to restore balance and freedom of movement.


Sports massage


Sports massage works deeply into the soft tissue of the body to stimulate circulation and promote repair.  It is ideal for athletes and regular exercisers who require some targeted work to release troublesome areas that have become restricted and are causing discomfort. 


Some clients find that a maintenance massage every 4-6 weeks is very useful for maintaining suppleness in their muscles and keeping injury at bay.  Others find that one or two post-event (e.g. marathon) massages also help to promote recovery.


Sports massage has a reputation for being painful, but Anna and David are always mindful of their client’s tolerance and ensure that every massage is a positive experience.


Therapeutic massage


These tend to be full body massages, with a particular focus on any areas that need extra work, such as the shoulders where people typically hold tension.  Like sports massage, therapeutic massage is very beneficial as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, helping to keep tissue supple and improving circulation.  The nature of the flowing massage strokes which are firm but not deep have a very relaxing effect and clients find the treatments very useful for reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being. 



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“I’m now well into my sixties and like to keep fit by running, but suffer periodically from lower back, knee and toe issues that stop me from exercising. Seeing Anna and David in our neighbourhood pacing the streets bare foot and knowing of their pioneering practice in movement therapy and Anna’s specialism in running, I turned to Anna for help and we have worked together for 6 months now.



 JL, Sydenham

"Hi David, many thanks for the massages.  I managed to get round the course yesterday with a faster swim & bike than last year - I ran very carefully and although the left calf tightened in the last mile, I managed to finish without further damage. I knocked a minute & a half off last year’s time and won my age group - and the one below it too! The massages were a massive help & much appreciated.”


                       Jim, East Dulwich

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