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Sports Performance


David’s methods for performance training can be geared towards any sport.  The way he works with a client is to watch them as they train and highlight areas of their movement that need improvement, devising programmes that address these specific issues.


David works with both amateur and professional athletes – and all levels in between!  Amateur athletes begin with a more general programme, whereas the professionals require more detailed fine-tuning.


David’s understanding of biomechanics means that he can work with any sportsperson – his clients include dancers, triathletes, skeet shooters, rugby players and martial artists.




“In order to maintain/improve one’s competitive performance as one gets older, it is essential to have a balanced, carefully targeted training program. David has a very extensive knowledge base and many years of experience to understand the requirements of a varying number of sports and has been very successful in providing me with the physical and mental development ideally suited to my enthusiasm. I am impressed and very grateful.”


Jonathan, Docklands

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