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Anna has been teaching Pilates since 2001 and was lucky enough to study with Michael King, also learning from many of his peers along the way.


Anna teaches Pilates both one to one and in groups, working with a range of abilities from back pain sufferer to professional dancer.


The key with this unique technique, which focuses on fluid movement initiating from your ‘core’, is to understand which elements and exercises are appropriate for each client.  Anna has the knowledge and experience to provide effective Pilates tuition to any client.


Pilates is ideal for those who are injured or have limited mobility, those who wish to improve their posture and movement and also for people wishing to lengthen, strengthen and tone their bodies.



“When I began training sessions with Anna two years ago the possibility of getting into shape and losing weight seemed like a mountain too high to climb. However, Anna’s varied and focused exercise routines, coupled with her very professional approach and encouragement have yielded results well beyond my original expectations. I am now 10kg lighter and enjoying climbing actual mountains!”


Bernadette, Docklands

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