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  • Anna Toombs


How are you feeling about the Covid 19, 3 months on? I think we’ve all gone through various phases of happiness, sorrow, fear and guilt. Fear for our health, the health of our loved ones. Sorrow for the loss of loved ones. And guilty for all sorts of reasons: we managed to keep our job, we had money saved that we could use, we’ve actually quite enjoyed the slower pace of life whilst other people have been suffering.

All these emotions to deal with. And all this extra time! Suddenly, I feel more in charge of my own time. Which is ridiculous, isn’t it? Aren’t I always in charge of my own time?

I wonder how many of you have stopped to ponder this. You’ve probably heard it said that time is your most precious commodity and that’s because it’s true. For example, a good percentage of my day is taken up with driving. Driving?! I am a health practitioner and yet sometimes 50% of my day is effectively wasted in a car! I can’t begin to explain the liberation of not being stuck in traffic every day, panicking about being late.

So, part of my ponderings has been about how to make changes in my work life so that I can spend more time helping clients and less time in my car. Making use of the good side of the internet which puts us in touch with people without having to travel is one immediate adaptation. I am convinced, as many others will be, that the reduction in road and air traffic has had a positive and profound impact on the levels of pollution.

Having more time means that I can focus more on studying which I used to hate at school when I had to do it, but now love because I can choose when and what I learn. Invariably it’s health related! I am currently reading much deeper into the combined approach of psychology and Eastern philosophy into the origins of poor health and enjoying being a student in a related online series of workshops.

I realize that for some of you, you don’t feel that you are now more in control of your own time. Maybe there has just been a shift as to who else has taken over your time? Perhaps it used to be your work colleagues, but now it’s your family taking charge? This is the time (there’s that word again) to address these issues and review the choices that you make.

I am so pleased to see more people exercising outside – using YouTube videos, getting together with friends or just running. One of my friends who is considered vulnerable and therefore not allowed out has rearranged her furniture to create a running loop and is following the couch to 5k app!

I would urge everyone to also consider their spiritual health. Step away from your Facebook groups for a moment and just marvel at the beauty of nature. It’s still there, in all its glory, reminding us that we need to tune in and nourish our souls. Sit outside, stop and do nothing except breathe.

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