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Both Anna and David have experience working with pre and post natal clients.


Your pregnancy is your own, unique experience.  There are certain ‘rules’ regarding training during the different stages of pregnancy (and beyond) but it is equally crucial to remember that everyone is different and your training will reflect this. 

We might continually modify your exercise programme as the demands on your body change during pregnancy or, if you’ve already had your baby, we’ll focus on building manageable programmes that increasingly improve your strength and fitness.

If you have specialist requirements, for example if you’re dealing with back pain, pelvic floor or weight issues, we can also help.



“As a person who has a life long hatred of gyms but a need to improve my physical well being due to long hours spent hunched over a desk and a history of hypertension I was looking for an alternative and more complete approach to fitness. David began working with me in May 2006 and after spending an hour doing a fitness and posture analysis he designed a programme specifically tailored to strengthen my body’s weaknesses and meet my personal objectives.



 Clair, Bromley


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