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Anna and David both work with injured clients.  These clients might be suffering with overuse injuries from their running or back pain from sitting down all day in an office.


Whatever is causing your pain, it is important to take a positive, active approach.  David and Anna have the experience to know exactly what exercise programmes are appropriate whilst understanding the problems that you face as a result of your pain and being able to help you deal with these too.


The majority of overuse injuries are caused by repetitive movements coupled with poor mechanics, so they will approach your injury from this perspective.



“I have degenerative disc disease and limited mobility. Anna has worked closely with me for 10 months to develop exercise routines to increase my core stability and to mobilise and strengthen muscles which have been dormant for some time."



 Clare, Docklands

“Before working with David I was finding it increasingly difficult to walk downstairs without holding on for fear of falling due to knee surgery I had over twenty years ago. My GP had told me that he couldn’t do much more for me and that I definitely shouldn’t run again. I contacted David to help me feel fitter and more able to move around and it didn’t cross my mind that we’d do any running.


I worked with him on a rehab-type programme and found myself getting stronger and more supple. I was slightly anxious when, after a few sessions, he suggested that we try running. However, we just took it very slowly and he was encouraging and informative, teaching me new things about my technique that were really helpful. I am now running regularly, without pain, and have lost almost two stones! David has helped me regain my confidence and I am so pleased to feel so much fitter and have no pain!”


 Hilary, Beckenham

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