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Anna and David are both keen runners.  They believe that everyone can find enjoyment in running; you don’t need to be fast, you don’t need to enter races, you don’t need to wear any particular clothing or brand of shoe.


Running is something personal to you.  It can be a jog around the block every night or an excursion into nature at the weekends.


Running coaching with David and Anna involves helping you get the most out of your running, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned racer.  Whatever your particular goal, your running should feel fluid and effortless, so their work with you will include assessing your running style and making appropriate modifications.



It was great to meet you and David yesterday.  The session was more than I could have hoped for.  You both are very natural and accessible with your teaching philosophy which makes learning very easy.  I hope to see you both in the very near future and look forward to being able to go fully barefoot myself.


An inspirational day!!"


 Graham, Croydon

“Just to say thanks for a great session on Wednesday David.  There is so much logic to it all, particularly around cadence, using tendons and ligaments (and not just muscle) and the shape of the step.  Great stuff.  Thanks."


 Ollie, Clapham

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