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Well Being


As it says on the tin, this training is to help you improve your overall sense of well being.


So many people approach us feeling less than 100% fit.  They are tired, gaining weight even though they are exercising regularly and generally feeling as though they’re running on empty.


These sessions are designed to help you get back on track, with a focus on your complete lifestyle (work, nutrition, sleep quality, etc.) as well as your physical activity.


If you are feeling under pressure, it is important that exercise doesn’t add to the stress on your body, so your exercise programme will take a very balanced, measured approach to restore you gradually to optimum well being.



"Very good news!  Thanks to you I returned a short while ago from a week long meditation retreat and had not one smidgeon of sciatica the whole time.  Also, running is going well - doing small amounts on pavement plus all the exercises in the book, so far with very little problem.  And my back is feeling looser/better thanks to the back exercises."


 Elizabeth, York

“I got a personal trainer to get better overall fitness.  I have been with a gym but found I did not enjoy it.  With a personal trainer I am given a programme to do during the week and then see my trainer once a week to see how I have done.



Chris, Orpington

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