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Sports T&P
Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy & Performance

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David and Anna regularly work with athletes and regular exercisers who like to check in for ‘maintenance’ manual therapy or need some guidance with their training programmes.  They also have experience working with all kinds of injuries, helping clients return to normal function.


Sports Therapy

Any athlete, amateur or professional, is at some point likely to experience an injury.  As well as being painful and debilitating, injuries are also frustrating, interfering with training and potential sporting goals.


Sports therapy is a mixture of manual and movement therapy, using specific techniques to help prevent injuries as well as aid in recovery.  Hands on treatments can enhance the healing process whilst a progressive rehabilitation programme of exercises can build the athlete back to pre-injury fitness safely and effectively.


When you visit David and Anna with an injury, they will initially assess the relevant joint(s) and soft tissues to establish the nature of the problem and devise a treatment plan, discussing this with you so that you understand what has happened and how you can safely contribute to the recovery process.


For more information and to discuss your injury, please email:

Sports Performance

All sports require the basic components of fitness: stability, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, flexibility, strength, agility and stamina.  David and Anna can help you to identify areas that need improvement, for example your golf swing might be impaired by a lack of flexibility in the spine, or your tennis game may be hampered by limited dynamic stability.


Anna and David initially assess their client’s movement and often film them as they participate in their particular sport.  They highlight components that need work and prescribe a movement programme accordingly, gradually advancing the exercises as the client progresses.


If you are a competitive athlete, David specializes in building periodization programmes and can create one specifically for your event that will help you to reach peak performance at the appropriate time.


For more information please email:

Sports Performance
Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping (K Tape)

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This is a rehabilitation tool which has become increasingly popular, not just for sporting injuries but also for any kind soft tissue dysfunction that is causing pain and inhibiting movement.


The targeted application of kinesiology tape lifts the skin, accelerating blood flow to improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues.  Different levels of tension of the tape along with specific shapes and lines of pull are used according to the nature of the injury and rehabilitation goal.


Typically, tape is applied between manual therapy treatments to help support the soft tissues/joints, improve circulation and lymphatic flow and reduce inflammation.  There is also evidence to suggest that taping can improve proprioception (awareness of the body in time and space) which is often adversely affected by pain and injury.  Sometimes athletes with a minor injury who still need to compete will use tape during their event to help support their movement.


David specializes in kinesiology taping – to book an appointment with him, please email:

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