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Welcome to TR balance manual and movement therapy, based in South East London.
Our services are available to help you stretch, strengthen, improve your sporting performance, reduce injury, pain and stress and generally guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.
We offer clinic based sessions and home visits dependent on your requirements.  Please browse the site to find out more and feel free to email us with any questions.
We look forward to hearing from you!

About Us

About Us

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Welcome to TR balance manual and movement therapy, based in South East London.


Formed by Anna Toombs and David Robinson in 2003, TR balance was originally a traditional health and fitness company based in a London City gym.  Over the years, whilst balance has remained their fundamental philosophy, David and Anna have shifted and broadened their perspective, developing their own unique way of teaching and treating clients, encompassing a wide range of movement and manual (hands on) techniques.  These techniques allow clients to improve balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.  They are very useful for injury recovery and reducing pain, helping to increase resilience and adaptability both physically and mentally.


Balance is relevant not only within the tissues and joints of the body but in all aspects of life.  Anna and David spend time listening to their clients and learning about their lifestyle in order to guide them not only with regards to their physical movement but also in how to manage nutrition, stress, sleep and any other issues that might be affecting their client’s well being.


Each client has their own, very personal background and lifestyle; sessions and treatments are therefore unique to each individual.  However, the case studies and testimonials provide some insight as to what to expect and you can email Anna and David with any questions regarding your own personal needs.



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Anna has been working as a health and well being practitioner for 25 years, using her knowledge and experience of human anatomy and movement as well as an intuitive sense of what each client needs to help them towards injury recovery and optimum health.  Anna has numerous qualifications in health, fitness and hands on therapy treatments, all of which help her to guide her clients towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, reducing pain and stress and increasing strength, flexibility and vitality.


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David began his career in health and well being at the age of 17, teaching Japanese based martial arts to children and adults and helping to set up a series of martial arts clubs in South East London.


David also has a background in engineering and loves to solve a problem.  Having qualified with NASM over 15 years ago as a personal trainer and sports fitness specialist, he enjoys working through the biomechanical implications of injury and helping clients towards recovery.  David is qualified in a number of manual therapy techniques which he incorporates into his work with clients to improve their performance and recover from injury.  He enjoys a practical approach to his work but is a great believer in the mind/body/spirit connection and weaves these elements into his sessions and treatments.


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“As a person who has a life long hatred of gyms but a need to improve my physical well being due to long hours spent hunched over a desk and a history of hypertension I was looking for an alternative and more complete approach to fitness. David began working with me in May and after spending an hour doing a fitness and posture analysis he designed a programme specifically tailored to strengthen my body’s weaknesses and meet my personal objectives.


In July I fell pregnant and David’s expertise meant that he was able to continue to train me throughout my pregnancy which was a huge benefit in helping my body cope with the strain.


Less than six months after the birth of my daughter I was back to my pre-pregnancy size and shape. Now I am probably in the best physical shape for at least 10 years and many friends have commented as much. Thanks to David’s ever evolving training programme and despite the physical demands of motherhood my body, in particular my back, neck and shoulders, which were my weak areas, has coped well.


David is professional, informative, patient and approachable. This has meant that for the first time in my life I have enjoyed improving my fitness and seen a real change in my physique. As a result I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone regardless of their age, sex or current fitness level."

C, aged 31, Bromley

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"I'm now well into my sixties and like to keep fit by running, but suffer periodically from lower back, knee and toe issues that stop me from exercising.  Anna's great experience with running and runners' bodies coupled with massage treatments was just what I needed.  I was immediately impressed with her professional approach, which combined asking questions together with close observation of my movements, followed by an assessment of muscle condition and a comparison of both sides of my body.  Her therapeutic method seemed to me both logical and intuitive, so with careful examination and detailed questioning she builds a picture to help explain what she is feeling and discovering through her massage techniques. She instinctively finds where the tight and knotted problem muscles are.  In all my experience of sports masseurs - I've probably had half a dozen to compare - Anna's is easily the best, the effect on the body is honestly transformative.  After a session, I always feel bouncier and more lithe again with previous niggles reduced to a minimum.  Usually I'm in shape for a run home - it's that good.  Anna's natural affinity with the techniques of sports massage perfectly complements her practice as a movement instructor, and her massage treatments have a made a huge difference."  


J, aged 63, Sydenham

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“Before working with David I was finding it increasingly difficult to walk downstairs without holding on for fear of falling due to knee surgery I had over twenty years ago. My GP had told me that he couldn’t do much more for me and that I definitely shouldn’t run again. I contacted David to help me feel fitter and more able to move around and it didn’t cross my mind that we’d do any running.


I worked with him on a rehab-type programme and found myself getting stronger and more supple. I was slightly anxious when, after a few sessions, he suggested that we try running. However, we just took it very slowly and he was encouraging and informative, teaching me new things about my technique that were really helpful. I am now running regularly, without pain, and have lost almost two stones! David has helped me regain my confidence and I am so pleased to feel so much fitter and have no pain!”


 H, aged 50, Beckenham

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"I have degenerative disc disease and limited mobility.  Anna has worked closely with me for 10 months to develop exercise routines to increase my core stability and to mobilze and strengthen muscles which have been dormant for some time.  As a result I feel much stronger and have become very aware of posture for the first time.  Anna treats me holistically by ensuring she knows about my day to day life and monitors my levels of pain closely, changing exercises accordingly; she also offers help with pain management by giving me relaxation exercises.  Anna is very sympathetic to clients in pain and gentle in her approach, important for chronic pain sufferers who often feel vulnerable.  Regular contact with Anna is very important to me, her input helps me to remain positive and focused, I feel she genuinely invests in my progress.  Most importantly exercising gives me the sense that I am helping myself, that my recovery is in my own hands."


C, aged 38, London Docklands

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“In order to maintain/improve one’s competitive performance as one gets older, it is essential to have a balanced, carefully targeted training program. David has a very extensive knowledge base and many years of experience to understand the requirements of a varying number of sports and has been very successful in providing me with the physical and mental development ideally suited to my enthusiasm. I am impressed and very grateful.”


J, aged 61, London Docklands

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A friend recommended Anna to me as I had been suffering from severe shoulder pain, and also wanted to improve my fitness.

I met with Anna and was impressed with how she listened carefully to me and what I required and set up a programme tailored to my requirements.

Anna has a huge amount of experience and knowledge which she incorporates into her programmes.  It hasn’t been a quick fix, but starting off slowly and increasing the level of exercises so that I didn’t suffer further injuries has paid off.  Six months on I have full mobility of my shoulder and my fitness level and flexibility have greatly improved.

So I would like to pass on this recommendation to anyone looking to improve their fitness and recover from injury, and also require a good massage.


D, aged 64, Orpington

"Training with David has completely changed my life.  I have an incurable genetic condition and had chronic pain for years, requiring large doses of strong painkillers.  However, after working with David for almost a year, I am now not taking any painkillers, have lost and continue to lose weight and most importantly have gained my quality of life and health back after believing I was destined to be in pain for life.  I cannot thank David enough for the work, support and encouragement he has given me and I recommend him to anyone and everyone I meet!" 


R, aged 32, West Wickham

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“Anna is a unique fitness and wellbeing professional: combining her extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement to more holistic practices, she can really make the difference when trying to solve those recurring or chronic pains.


I started seeing Anna after an intense period that left me burnt out, totally out of love with exercise, while dealing with a chronic hip pain that I tried to manage for almost 4 years.


Anna assessed my case thoroughly and was able to devise a set of routines that helped ease the pain while she supported me with massage and Reiki. In a couple of months my hip problem dramatically improved and I even started running again following her directions.


I would definitely recommend Anna to anybody who is interested to approach their fitness from a wider, more holistic perspective, but she would be equally valuable to anybody looking to improve their exercise or just after a great body treatment.” 


E, aged 39, Forest Hill

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"David - thank you so much for the training over the last few months.  I ran the Manchester marathon in 3h 36m today.  Delighted that I finished and that I don't feel totally broken!  I know it is not about times but you helped me achieve a key goal today.  Look forward to seeing you next session for plenty of stretching!!  Cheers!" 


N, aged 38, Croydon

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"I have had a course of Reiki sessions with Anna both in person and virtually (during lockdown) and they have had a transformative effect on me.  Anna is such a kind, intuitive and knowledgeable practitioner.  I feel totally safe being guided through the process with her and sharing my experiences after.  I feel like working with Anna has helped give me the space and guidance I needed to work through some deep shifts in my life and I would 100% recommend her.”


A, aged 36, Forest Hill


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21 Lyric Mews. Silverdale, London SE26 4TD

tel: 0208 659 0269


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