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Jiemba 'Blue Note' Austmans

Anna has been working as a health and well being practitioner for 25 years, beginning her career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer and then delving deeper into anatomy and movement through Pilates and other movement modalities, particularly yoga. 

Anna's Background

As a child and teenager I always enjoyed sports, particularly athletics and netball.  In my mid teens I discovered aerobics and step aerobics and after attending lots of classes at university and purchasing many fitness videos, I decided I’d like to teach.


I gained my Exercise to Music and personal training qualifications and went off to work on cruise ships as a fitness instructor.  During this time, I became aware of a relatively little known (back then!) exercise regime called Pilates.  I was fascinated by this slower, more focused movement modality when my experience was all about fast paced, sweaty exercise.


When I returned home, I decided to study Pilates which opened a whole new world.  I began to think about exercise and movement in a different way; it was no longer about toning and aesthetics but about health, well being and effortless, fluid motion. 


Pilates is used a great deal in injury rehabilitation and I began to work with clients referred to me from the Back Clinic at the Royal London Hospital, some of whom were in a great deal of pain.  This allowed me to see the positives of my own injury history – repeated shoulder dislocations and other joint issues caused by


joint laxity and a slight scoliosis.  Pain and injury play a part in most peoples’ lives and having my own issues enabled me to lead clients towards understanding the intricacies of pain, its uniqueness to the individual and how it can be effectively managed.  This continues to play a vital role in my work today.


In 2012/2013 David and I became very involved in the barefoot running world and wrote a book on the subject, as well as producing the online Barefoot Running Magazine spanning six years.  Around the same time, I completed a yoga challenge, practising yoga every day for 108 days using a series of dvds.  Running barefoot and connecting with the earth, along with beginning to study the true depth and meaning of yoga, took me down yet another path towards soft tissue therapy and energetic techniques based on Reiki.  The more I can learn about a client’s whole being – their physical body, their mind, and their essence or spirit – the more I can help them. 


Those who know me know that I begrudgingly accept the importance and benefit of a clinical and scientific approach to working with clients.  A fundamental and deep knowledge of the physical body and human movement is key when helping a client find a healthier path through life.  However, truly tuning into a client goes beyond what I can see, touch and hear.  Intuition with good intention is also essential for me to give the best to my clients.


I am always studying and having geeky conversations with David about health, well being, human beings and the Universe.  However, I also enjoy a regular running and yoga practice, love reading, writing, and live gigs (most types of music) and long countryside walks with Jiemba the dog.


  • VTCT: Levels 3 and level 4 soft tissue therapy (sports and remedial massage)

  • London Reiki Academy: Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki diploma

  • Sports Therapy UK: Myofascial release

  • CPDO: Harmonic Technique

  • Gateway workshops: Thai massage, levels 1 and 2

  • Pilates Institute: Matwork, one to one, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair

  • Inner Dimension TV: Holistic Yoga Flow (part one)

  • Fit to Perform Ltd: Gym instructor, personal trainer

  • YMCA: Exercise to Music

  • Southampton University: BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology

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