David Robinson


David’s background is in martial arts and dance and he has competed successfully in both at international level. He has also competed at national level in swimming and cycling.  In 1987 he began teaching martial arts and has since helped to set up a number of martial arts schools across South East London.


David’s interest in sport led him to study with the highly regarded National Academy of Sports Medicine in the United States, which offers a precise and scientific methodology.  He is a qualified personal trainer and sports performance specialist, with a keen interest in biomechanics and a natural affinity for understanding the needs of his clients.


David has recently become Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Gaijin MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) team whose members are enjoying increasing success in competition.




Sports Therapy UK: Level 3 Soft Tissue Therapy

Gateway workshops: Thai Full Body Massage Levels 1 and 2

The Reiki Academy: First Degree and Second Degree Reiki

NASM: Anatomy, Physiology & Sports Biomechanics, Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Fitness Specialist, Flexibility Specialist


Kinesis UK: Anatomy Trains


Gaijin Ryu Association: 4th Dan


United Kingdom Kyokushin Kai Karate Association: 2nd Dan